The Band

Timo Tolvanen (lead vocals and guitar)

This is the second time that Timo has played the role of James Taylor in a major production. The previous production played to packed houses and glowing reviews for 2 years (2010/2011). His smooth vocals and intricate finger picking style are well suited to the songs of this iconic singer/songwriter.

Timo has vast experience in the music industry as a singer/guitarist and songwriter. He was signed initially with Essex Music and then Warner/Chappell for many years. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio. Timo has also worked regularly as a session musician and a singer. He has also produced several albums. He has recently been commissioned to produce a futuristic rock musical.

Timo is also a highly respected luthier. His guitars are played by some of Australia’s best guitarists. Of course, Tolvanen guitars are used in this show!

Rob Bunt (guitar and vocals)

Over the past 25 years Rob and Timo have performed countless shows together, including the previous JT show "Acoustic Legends". Rob is an outstanding guitarist who is in demand as a session musician. He has played on numerous recordings and toured in live shows for many years. Rob's ability to arrange harmonies is a vital part of the show. Timo and Rob have had top 10 chart success with their band Strum, made numerous TV appearances including hosting their own TV show (Overland) and have been nominated for numerous awards winning the inaugural TIARA for Best Band. They have also been signed to both major and independent labels as artists and songwriters. Currently, five of their songs have been shortlisted in the US for inclusion in major movies and documentaries.


Lauren Roby (lead vocals)

Lauren is a highly respected vocalist who also featured in the initial production of the James Taylor show. She is in demand as a session singer and has sung on numerous recordings. She has considerable experience with live stage performances including appearances in numerous musicals. Lauren’s pitch-perfect lead vocals are beautifully suited to the songs of Carole King and her harmonies add another dimension to the show.

Geoff Zenner (drums and harmonica)

Geoff’s outstanding skills as a drummer and blues harp player have kept him busy for over 20 years. (Yes, he can play both drums and the blues harp at the same time)! Not only has he played on countless recording sessions but he has played literally thousands of gigs, including playing with Great Dane (Jeff St John’s backing band). Geoff is also a well-respected drum teacher and has produced many albums. His original band WildSeed was nominated for numerous awards in the alt country scene, winning the Best Instrumental at the prestigious Mildura Awards.

Michael Bellemore – (keyboards and vocals)

Michael is an Australian Club Entertainer (ACE) award winner. He is an outstanding musician with vast experience playing live and in the recording studio. His rich vocal harmonies are a major asset to the production. Michael is also an experienced music teacher.


Alan Bruce (bass)

Alan has a long and distinguished career as both a touring musician and session bass player. He is also a talented songwriter. Recently, he became a published author with the release of his  extraordinary memoir, "The Firefighter Blues".

Vicky Welch (vocals)

Vicky has been an entertainer and singer since she was 15 years old. She has sung on countless recordings and performed in numerous live shows as both a lead vocalist and harmony singer.